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Light Mountings for Loupes & Frames

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The UKloupes light unit can be retrofitted to any pair of loupes or glasses frame. Please see below to see if we have a specific mounting for your loupes. If not please send us an image of your loupes and we will advise you on the best mouting system. 



Mount Availablilty

Orascoptic TTL - Rudy Project YES
  TTF - Revolution Sport Frame (Thru the Flip) YES
  TTL - Victory Titanium Frame YES
  TTL - Designer Titanium Frame YES
  TTL - Standard Titanium Frame YES
  Flip-Up GEM YES
  Flip-Up Legacy, Square CrossBar YES
DFV TTL Nike Pounce | Revolve YES
  TTL Nike Curfew | Skylon Ace YES
  TTL Safety Goggles| Sport Frame YES
  TTL Buddy Holly |  Yeoman YES
  TTL Designer 109 | 047 | Titanium 077 YES
  TTL Titanium 062 YES
Surgitel TTL Oakley - Half Jacket YES
  TTL Oakley - M Frame YES
  TTL Oakley - Big Square Universal Clip
  TTL Oakley - A Wire Universal Clip
  TTL Oakley - Bottle Rocket Universal Clip
  TTL Oakley - Fate 2.0, 4.0 YES
  TTL Standard Titanium YES
  Flip-Up Micro Loupes (newer, smaller) YES
  Flip-Up Ultralight or Compact Prism Loupes YES
Sheervision/ TTL Titanium YES
Brasseller TTL Del Rey Frame YES
  Flip-Up on any frame YES
Q-Optics TTL Standard Frame YES
  TTL Fashion Frame YES
  TTL Safety Frame YES
  TTL Tifosi Frame YES
  TTL Eclipse YES
  Flip-Up with Round Crossbar (newer, smaller) YES
  Flip-Up with Square Crossbar YES
Perioptix TTL Micro on Adivista | Dolce Prototype, please call/email
  TTL Micro on Ultralight Titanium YES
  Flip-Up Panoramic YES
  Flip-Up Legacy (with square crossbar) YES
Zeiss EyeMag Pro - Prismatic YES
  EyeMag Smart Prototype
Heine Flip up with Standard Arm YES
  Flip up with Swivel i-View Arm YES
Others Sandy Grendel TTL YES
  Rose Micro Solutions Flip-Up YES
  Keeler Flip-Up YES
  ExamVision TTL Prototype, please call/email
  Eagle Flip-Up Prototype, please call/email
  MicroSurgical Flip-Up Prototype, please call/email
  Optivision Industries Flip-Up YES
  Med-Lite Flip-Up YES
  Care-Optic TTL YES
  Care-Optic Flip-Up YES
  Various Flip-Up from China on eBay YES.  Pls, email pictures/link to confirm
Non-loupes Safety goggles | Visor YES
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Customer Testimonials

Matthew Holyoak

Great efficient service; High quality loupes at a very affordable price for all dental professionals. There is now NO excuse for not using magnification in all aspects of dentistry. Spread the word. I would recommend Dave Stone @ UK Loupes without hesitation. Matthew HolyoakBDS, Dip Rest Dent (RCS Eng), MSc (Rest Dent)

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Usmaan F Majidk

I am a year 2 student at the Peninsula Dental School. I looked into UKloupes after trying a friends. I had all the support I needed to ensure I purchased the right type for me. I bought the 3.5x magnification TTL type. I initially noticed a massive improvement in my posture. After purchasing the LED unit I have become more confident and am able to see every detail whether I'm carrying out hygiene or restorative work. I have no need to use any clumsy chair light anymore! The precision that I can achieve now thanks to these products is incredible and I...

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Binderpal Singh Bains

They’re not bulky and heavy compared to other models that I’ve tried and still great value for money. Best of all, my friends and family say I look like a dentist!!  I’d certainly recommend them to anybody who’s serious about their dental practise. Binderpal Singh BainsRoyal London Dental Hospital

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