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UKloupes promotes Endoscope-i

UKloupes is helping to promote endoscope-i, endoscope-i aims to create a 'value for money' product that is portable, robust, secure, easy to single handedly attach and remove and most importantly economical.


The endoscope-i device allows the sharing of an image through an endoscope on a smart phone.


There are now emerging a number of devices to couple a smart phone camera to the eypiece of an endoscope. Unlike other devices we have taken into account 'infection control' issues and created a concept that is both an economical potentially single-use product as well as a reusable adapter. The endoscope-i team are otolaryngologists with experience of working with a variety of endoscopic equipment in a healthcare setting. We understand the need for obtaining good quality imaging, where and when this is required and adhering to local policy. There are many reputable manufacturers that produce excellent imaging equipment for use in theatre and clinic.

The smart phone image in our opinion is NOT sharp enough to be used as a diagnostic aid. Therefore we feel it is NOT viable to market a coupling device at a high retail cost. The image provided however is useful for teaching medical students and junior doctors.


Potentially, as camera technology improves the endoscope-i device can be used as a telcommunication adjuct for secure medical referrals saving time, money and eliminating the issue of distance between the patient and clinician.


If you are unsure as t how the endoscope-i works then check out this video presentation.  


For further information email Mr Ajith George, MBChB FRCS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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