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Which dental loupes do you need?

Below are some answers to the most common questions asked when our customers buy dental loupes. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us for expert individual advice or assistance.

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  1. What level of magnification should I get?
  2. Which working distance should I buy?
  3. Should I get flip-up or through-the-lens (TTL) dental loupes?
  4. I have an optical prescription, can I still wear dental loupes?



1. What level of magnification should I get?

For general dental practice, x3 magnification is probably the best option as this provides a good amount of magnification without too large a decrease in either the focal depth or brightness. Certain applications, particularly endodontics, may benefit from a higher magnification particularly if this makes up the majority of your workload. For microsurgery, magnifications of x3 and above are recommended and depend on the type of surgery involved.

It should be noted that as the magnification increases the focal depth decreases. The focal depth is the distance towards and away from an object where the object is still in focus. An example of this is given by the high power of microscopes and the very small distances that the object is moved to get it into focus. The differences between the various types of magnification available are explained in more detail in our instructional video here.





2. Which working distance should I buy?


This measurement is very simple to take and ideally should be recorded when in a dental clinic as dental chairs often have thick headrests that make the patient closer than represented by ‘phantom head’ labs. Many other companies will take readings away from the operative setting which often results in the purchase of loupes of an incorrect specification for the user. For all UKloupes sales, we recommend that you measure your working distance in a clinical setting so that your pair of loupes is exactly matched to your working requirements.

How to measure your working distance- When sitting at a comfortable working height with your back straight, head slightly dipped and a patient/friend in the dental chair you should measure the distance between your eye and the patients mouth. Most people are suited to our middle working distance of 420mm, but those of shorter or taller than average height may consider using 340mm or 460mm, respectively. You can watch our video guide on measuring your own working distance below.




3. Should I get flip-up or through-the-lens (TTL) loupes?

This is a personal preference as there are benefits to both types of loupes. TTL loupes are usually lighter and less bulky but also can not be moved moved out of the line of sight and are comparatively very expensive. The main benefit of TTL loupes is due to their closer positioning to the eye, which gives a greater field of view. However, this also means that when reaching for instruments your peripheral vision is much reduced. Flip up loupes do not require a customized fitting session which means they are lower in cost than TTL types, additionally they can be lent to a friend to use and the angle of declination can also be altered for various operative procedures. These differences and more are explained further in our UKloupes video below.







4. I have an optical prescription, can I still wear loupes?

Yes, if you wear corrective contact lenses then our sports frames can be worn. If you wear glasses then you will need your prescription made into our prescription frames. UKloupes can offer this service. If you alternate between wearing glasses and contact lenses you may want both types of frame so you can swap the loupes between the two frame types.



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