Our Vision & Our Brand

UKloupes was originally founded in 2009 by dental students for dental students on the ambition that access to dental loupes shouldn’t be hindered by price and complex measurements. By eliminating the often costly overheads associated with large companies Ukloupes offers high quality loupes at affordable prices. Along the way, our high quality loupes have attracted interest from dentists, DCPs, specialists and surgeons who now rely on UKloupes to assist their work.

  • We advocate healthy working posture and comfort in dental and surgical practices
  • Offering superior quality loupes at affordable prices
  • Promoting the early use of loupes for students during training
  • Supporting enhanced visual acuity and treatment quality
  • We offer free, expert advice on all loupes
  • We offer a risk-free, extendable 30-day trial period

Flip-Up Loupes

Our affordable range of flip-up loupes provide you with an extra dimension of versatility giving you the freedom to position your loupes how you like for optimum comfort, ergonomics and clarity of vision.

TTL Dental Loupes

Through-The-Lens loupes are built with your individual measurements, offering the ultimate combination of lightweight comfort with the largest field of vision.

LED Light Unit for Loupes

The 'UKloupes' LED light unit for loupes offers hands free, instant and variable intensity illumination wherever you point your loupes.

Student Loupes

Our student loupes package deal is out of this world. Ukloupes started out at Cardiff University in early 2000s and many of those dentists are now practice owners, trainers and specialists still using our loupes.