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UKloupes used for exclusive case study! Featured

Read about the UKloupes story and see where it all started!

Cardiff University Enterprise catches up with Dave and Dan to discuss the business and the future!

UKloupes is a medical supplies business formed by Cardiff graduates Dan Keil and David Stone that supplies dental loupes. Speaking to Cardiff University Enterprise, Dan explained the science behind dental loupes. “Loupes provide the user with an enhanced magnified image of what they are looking at, helping the user to improve their quality of work and dental treatment.”

He added that they helped to ensure users sit with proper posture, preventing the onset of back problems and neck pain. “Essentially, loupes are an advanced magnification tool that allow those operating on intricate work areas to enhance their vision.”

The company is now a highly successful business based in Bristol that markets its products across the country. Products are assembled and distributed at their head office, and the company prides itself on exceptional service both before and after a sale is made. UKLoupes began when David Stone, then an undergraduate dentistry student, identified a need for cheaper equipment, both for students and active professionals.


You can read the full story by clicking on the link below:


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Dan Keil

UKloupes Ltd Director

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